Grass Fed Beef Boxes

Beef Boxes

Beef Share Box  25 lbs.  $365.00

Our Beef Share Box is a twenty-five pound assortment of premium steaks, succulent roasts, and delicious ground beef.

Each box is a little different in order to insure all cuts from the animal are used, but all boxes will include:
-6 lbs Premium Steaks Some combination of New York, Top Sirloin or Flat Iron
-6 lbs Roasts Some combination of roasts from the round, sirloin, chuck, or brisket
-8 lbs Ground Beef Packaged in handy 1 lb. packs.
-5 lbs The Balance Made up of whatever combination it takes to get to 25 pounds – ribs, stew meat, soup bones, extra steaks, roasts or burger.

Steak Sampler Box  10-11 lbs   *Exclusively offered to Beef Club Members*

Our Steak Sampler Box is a 10 – 11 pound assortment of premium steaks and delicious ground beef. Arrives frozen in handy individual vacuum sealed packages.

2 Rib Eye
2 New York Strip Steaks
2 Top Sirloin Steak
4 Flat Irons
5 Lbs. Ground Beef

Starter Box  12-14 lbs.    $215.00

Our Starter Box is a 12-14 pound assortment of premium steaks, short ribs, and delicious ground beef. It is an excellent introduction to cooking and eating Grass Fed Beef. Arrives frozen in handy individual vacuum sealed packages.

It includes a 5 lb. combination of  Rib Eye Steak, New York Steak (petite cuts when available), Skirt Steak and/or Flat Iron, Short Ribs, and a succulent roast.
5 Lbs. of our Signature Ground Beef (Five – 1lb. packages)

Grass Fed Burger Box – 10 POUNDS  $110.00

Here is the easiest way to experience the signature flavor of grass fed and grass-finished beef. A combination of chuck, round and sirloin, it is great on the grill as burgers or as a foundation for any recipe calling for ground beef. This box includes 10 frozen vacuum sealed packages, 1 lb. per package.

Please input your telephone number inside the “Special Instructions to the Seller” box on the “Review your Information” page so we can coordinate shipping frozen items with you.

Templeton Hills Beef only ships to California, Arizona and Nevada – “Handling” is the cost of the insulated shipping cooler, while shipping rates are applied to each order by the pound. Please call us at : (805)237-8114 with any questions or comments.

*Leaner meats cook faster, we recommend cutting your cooking times by 40%-50%.